"Sky" - Mahlek Sky at Sansorrella

20.11.00 - 26.08.13

Sire: Mahlek Bronx Warrior   -   Dam: Mahlek Inuka

COI 19.7%


"Sky" really should be in the caring profession!   Whenever you need a friend she is there!   If you want a clown to make you laugh she is there!   If you want order in the ranks she is there!   If you want to be left alone - she will keep an eye on you from a distance!   She has a great presence and dignity; a real soulmate and very special dog. 

She just adores pups - anyone's pups.   She only had small litters herself but will look after any of the pups and even helped me to hand rear a litter for her grand daughter "Cloud".   The first time she met a toddler she was fascinated with it - she followed it everywhere with a huge smile on her face - as if to say "A puppy person - I must have one of these".   "Sky" can be relied upon to teach all newcomers and youngsters 'manners', taking her duties as alpha bitch seriously and is very well respected by the other dogs.  Although retired from breeding several years ago and enjoying her home comforts, she still keeps watch over the pack and is ready to discipline them like an old school Ma'am whenever the need arises, bless her!

"Sky" underwent surgery in January 2011 to remove a massive tumour.   The vet gave her just a few weeks to live and we prepared for the worst, vowing to take her to all her favourite haunts while she was still able. A year later she is still going strong.   She really is a remarkable, special girl.  When she was a few weeks old she was seriously ill and was on a drip at the vets for a week, but she pulled through against all the odds.  At five years old she had a serious operation and died on the operating table - she was revived and bounced back in time to enjoy a camping weekend that she was determined not to miss!  She is struggling a bit in her old age, but still enjoys a visit to the beach and insists on being included when we go out anywhere.   She is still very much the alpha bitch and rules the pack with an air of authority.  "Sky" is a wonderful companion and enchants everyone who meets her.

Sadly Sky went to Rainbow Bridge on August Bank Holiday Monday 2013 and she is very much missed.  Please see the tribute at the bottom of this page to a very special girl who will never be forgotten.


sky and shylo
"Sky" and best friend "Shylo"
sky 3 months old
3 months old
sky 6 months old
6 months old
sky 2 years old
2 years old
"Sky" - photo courtesy of
Phil from the Anglian Wolf Society
sky 1 year
12 months old
echo and sky
"Echo" and "Sky" patiently waiting to go camping
sky 8 years old
8 years old
sky in snow
A real 'snowdog'

Never too old to enjoy a dip!

sky on the beach
Relaxing on the beach 8 years old
Still enjoys a nice walk over the fields
sky babysitting
"Sky" babysitting "Pagan's" pups
sky and an echo pup
"Sky" (9 years old) with one of "Echo's" pups
sky and zephyr
Never too old to play with a pup!
sky 10 years

sky by fire
"Sky" loves her home comforts

sky on the beach
Enjoying a walk on the beach

sky and a pup
"Sky" with one of "Pagan's" pups

sky and pagan pup
"Sky" just loves puppies
sky and wiccas pups
"Sky" 10 years old with "Wicca's" pups 5 weeks old

sky 9 years old
"Sky" looking beautiful as ever at 9 years old

sky and wiccas pup

11 years old and still caring for any pup belonging to the pack


sky and aimee

Aimee with "Sky"


sky on skegness beach 10 yrs 4 months
"Sky" on Skegness beach February 2011
after recovering from an operation to remove a tumour



sky 11 yrs 3 months
11 years old

sky 11 years old
11 years old
sky 11 years old
Not impressed with her groom and trim
sky with bone
After 10 1/2 years of gnawing bones
"Sky" still enjoys her BARF



sky and timber
"Sky" and her son "Timber"
sky 2012

sky and ruby
"Sky" and "Ruby"
sky on skeggy beach
"Sky" on Skegness beach, February 2012
sky feb 2012

sky on skeggy beach
11 1/2 years old


sky's last day out

20.11.00 - 26.8.13
August Bank Holiday 2013 was a tremendously sad day for me when I had to make that heartbreaking decision to let my beloved "Sky" go to Rainbow Bridge.  She was a remarkable dog and showed bravery and dignity right to the end.  I am glad that a week previously my daughters Aimee and Alison came to visit and helped me take "Sky" for one last walk on her favourite beach.  It was very slow progress walking across the sand but she was determined to get to the waters edge, where she enjoyed sitting watching the waves and people playing in the sea as you can see from the picture above.  She was a very loyal companion and soul mate and she touched the hearts of everyone who met her.  Run Free sweet Sky - we will always love you x

I have many beautiful photos of this special girl taken over her last few months, which I will add to this page in due course. 


sky 9 years old 

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