"Timber" - Sansorrella Spirit of the Sky

Dob 22.1.04 - 1.9.16

Sire:  Mahlek Pawnee Ammik   -   Dam:  Mahlek Sky at Sansorrella

COI 22.8%


"Tim" is my self appointed guardian and constant companion.   He has gained his Bronze KC Good Citizen Award - unfortunately "Echo" decided to have a litter of puppies when he was due to take his Silver Test so he was unable to take it - better luck next time "Tim"!   He enjoys making a fool of himself (and me) and is an "attention seeker".   He is very popular at promotional events due to his wonderful personality and his friendly, extrovert nature makes "Tim" a good ambassador for Sansorrella Kennels. 

At four years old he measured 29" at the shoulder and at six years old he still behaves like an overgrown puppy!   Normally the males of this type of dog are fully mature by around three years old but "Tim" seems unaware of this fact!   He has done some obedience demonstrations with his sister "Shey" and has won 1st Place in several obedience competitions.  In 2007 he took part in a sponsored walk, along with a number of other Northern Inuit dogs, in aid of Cancer Research in memory of my father and other family members we have sadly lost to cancer.  

Although neutered, he remains the Alpha male in the pack and all the young males look up to him and follow his example - unfortunately this includes his desire to be with me where ever I go!

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to this faithful boy.  He suffered a back injury in December 2014 but we managed to make him comfortable and give him nearly two more years.  He bravely battled his pain and enjoyed the borrowed time, but eventually he was unable to use his backlegs and we had to save him any more distress.  It was the most heartbreaking thing I've had to do as he trusted me right up to the very end.  He's running free now with him mum "Sky" and friends "Echo" and "Wicca" and hopefully we'll be together again one day.  He left more than just pawprints on my heart x


timber 8 weeks old
"Timber" 8 weeks old
"Timber" clowning around
showing the pups how an
adult Northern Inuit dog behaves!
"Timber" 12 months old
with Aimee and "Beauty"
timber echo and luna in the snow
"Timber" posing in the snow

timber 2 years old
2 years old
timber in obedience competition
"Timber" in an obedience competition

timber and noah on the beach

timber on the beach
On Skeggy beach with friend Noah

timber and noah on skeggy beach

merlin cloud and timber
"Merlin", "Cloud" and "Timber" 

timber with friends in milton keynes
"Timber" with friends in Milton Keynes 
timber and friend 3 years old 
3 years old

timber in the snow
5 years old

6 years old

timber and wilo 
"Don't look now but she's pointing that camera this way"
timber xmas
 "I hate Christmas!"
say cheese 
"Say Cheese"
timber 6 years old 

 timber 6 years old
My handsome boy - 6 years old

tim and tim 
Tim and "Tim" (and "Quest")

 alison and timber
Alison and "Timber"
tim and friend 
"Tim" and his best buddy

timber 7 years old
7 years old
 fastest recall
Fastest Recall
with "Timber", "Wicca" and "Pagan"
timber 8 yrs
8 years old


timber 8 yrs

timber 8yrs
8 years old

timber 8yrs

timber and bracken
"Bracken" and "Timber"

timber and bracken

timber and bracken

"Timber" on Skegness beach - February 2012


timber on beach




timber walking on air 

Walking on Air! 



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