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A selection of Sansorrella successes




Skidbrooke Wolfy Breeds Show 2019

Sansorrella Rosettes won at the show

Anglo Wulfdog Puppy Class
"Delilah", "Bliss", "Grace", "Blue" and "Bronn"
1st "Grace"  -  2nd "Bliss"

Judge's Diploma of Merit
Awarded to "Dream"

Low Content Wolfdog Class
"Dream" and "Grace"
1st "Dream"

"Bliss" - Sansorrella Simply Bliss
with her rosette - 2nd Cutest Puppy

"Bliss" - 2nd Anglo Wulfdog Puppy
with Sandy who handled her

"Bliss" proudly carrying her rosette

"Grace" - Sansorrella Saving Grace
1st Anglo Wulfdog Puppy Class

Judge writing the critique


"Breeze" - Sansorrella Windsong
at the show

2nd Anglo Wulfdog Bitch Class


"Dream" - Sansorrella Dream the Dream
at the show

"Dream" and me having a rest

"Dream" on the beach
1st Anglo Wulfdog Junior Class
Best Anglo Wulfdog - Best LC Wolfdog

"Grace" - Sansorrella Saving Grace
1st Anglo Wulfdog Puppy

"Dream" - Sansorrella Dream the Dream
1st Anglo Wulfdog Junior - Best Anglo Wulfdog
1st Low Content Wolfdog - Best LC Wolfdog

"Breeze" - Sansorrella Windsong
2nd Anglo Wulfdog Bitch

Skidbrooke Wolfy Show August 2019


Anglo Wulfdog Group Results:   Judge Andrea Ogden


Puppy Class


Sansorella Saving Grace  “Grace”
Sansorella Simply Bliss   “Bliss”
Melitele Ser Bronn of the Blackwater  “Bronn”
Melitele Mr Balou Sky   “Blue”

Sandra -  owner/breeder
Sandra  - owner/breeder - handled by Sandy
Graham - owner - bred by Katrina
Neil  - owner - bred and handled by Katrina


1st place judges critique “Grace”
Striking colour with correct brown nose for colour.  Lovely head, nice scissor bite and wolfy eyes. Nicely balanced body.


Junior Class

Sansorella Dream The Dream  “Dream”

Sandra – owner/breeder

1st place judges critique “Dream”
Lovely body and structure, good angulation, good on the move.


Dog Class

Sansorella Sioux Friend  “Khoda”
Sansorella Trail Blazer  “Roam”

Paul  - owner – bred by Sandra
Averil - owner – bred by Sandra

1st place judges critique  Kodha”
Lovely wedge shaped head with nice sloping stop, Yellow eyes, Good spring of rib.


Bitch Class

Sansorella Coyote Chasing Deer  “Kaliska”
Sansorella Windsong   “Breeze”

Emma – owner – bred by Sandra
Sandra – owner/breeder

1st Place judges critique
Nice sloping stop, Amber eyes, long length of back and good angulation with nice tail length.




1st  Sansorella Dream the Dream  “Dream”
Diploma of Merit awarded

2nd  Sansorella Sioux Friend  Kodha”
Diploma of Merit awarded



northern inuit dog banner

echo best in show



Echo" - Mahlek Moon at Sansorrella

Best Puppy in Show at Thame and Winslow
1st in Special Yearling, Best in Show NIS
Essex and Reserve Best in Show NIS
Oldham, also Best Brood Bitch NIS
Best in Show and Reserve Best in show
various companion dog shows.  Placed 2nd
TIDA Durham, Best Brood Bitch and Best
in Show TIDA Southport.  Best Brood Bitch
and Reserve Best in Show TIDA Dorset.
"Shey" - Sansorrella Dark Cloud

Best Puppy in Show NIS Oldham 
Many 1st places and BIS at
companion dog shows
1st Open Bitch and Best in Show
at TIDA shows in Cumbria, Essex,
Durham and Dorset.   Won TIDA's
Dog of the Year 2007

"Timber" - Sansorrella Spirit of the Sky

Timber has been neutered but has won first
in several obedience competitions
2nd Spayed and Neutered and 1st Best
Trick TIDA Hull
1st Spayed and Neutered and 1st Best
Trick TIDA Cumbria
1st Spayed and Neutered TIDA Durham
3rd Spayed and Neutered TIDA Southport
2nd Open Dog TIDA Dorset
best puppy in show
small trophies
best in show

A few of the trophies and rosettes
won by Sansorrella Northern Inuit dogs
reserve best in show


"Hunter" - Sansorrella Hunter's Moon

Best Puppy in Show TIDA Dorset 2008 

"Iyeska" - Sansorrella Seneca

This lad has done a lot of winning
at TIDA and companion dog show
for his proud owner Carol Sandrey

"Merlin" - Mahlek Moonsong
at Sansorrella

1st Open Dog TIDA Essex
1st Open Dog and Reserve Best in Show
TIDA Cumbria
rosettes and certificates



"Cloud" - Rivershey Tasina at Sansorrella

3rd Open Bitch TIDA Hull
4th Special Yearling TIDA Cumbria
1st Special Yearling and Reserve
Best in Show TIDA Cambs
3rd Special Yearling TIDA Southport
3rd Special Yearling TIDA Dorset
many companion dog show wins
"Breeze" - Sansorrella Wyndsong

Best Puppy in Show NIS
Oldham 2006
2nd Brood Bitch TIDA Southport
2nd Brood Bitch TIDA Dorset

"Luna" - Sansorrella Simply Adorable

Best Puppy in Show TIDA
Cambs 2008 for
Marie Smithson

Sansorrella Sacha Solitaire and
Sansorrella Midnight Surprise

Both doing extremely well in the
show ring, obedience and agility
(no pics available)


caravan trophies


Sansorrella Sheltie Wins

sheltie band

"Cilla" - Nenebank Surprise Surprise
at Sansorrella

Best Puppy in Breed and several 1st
places at KC Open shows

"Gem" - Miss Sparkle at Sansorrella

Best Puppy in Breed at KC Open Show

"Ace" - Sanscott Flashboy at Sansorrella

Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best in Show
and Best in Show at several companion dog
shows - also won many Junior Handling
competitions and did obedience for
my daughters Alison and Aimee

gem and tammy

"Joker" - Sansorrella Blue Diamond

Several 1st places and sire of
stunning puppies

"Tammy" - Tegwell Tapestry at Sansorrella
and "Gem"

Several 1st - 3rd places at KC Open Shows
and Best Puppy in Show at
companion dog shows

"Dusty" - Sansorrella Gold Charm

Best Puppy in Show at KC Open Show
and several 1st - 3rd places
but didn't quite keep up with her brother,
Sansorrella Star Dancer at Lysebourne ,
who was placed 4th in Special
Puppy Dog at Cruft's 2004



"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it."  Confucius



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