(7.5.09 - 5.5.12)

"Always remembered - forever missed"


Gliding cat-like through the shadows

Watching intently from afar

Huge paws silently leaving a tell tale trail

The only clue that you were there


With eyes that looked into my soul

You read my thoughts, my moods and emotions

Sharing a bond that will never be broken

No words were needed for you just knew


The privileged time we spent together

Side by side in sun or shade

I wish it could have gone on forever

Fate cruelly took you far too soon

whisper and me 

Courageously you crossed open pastures

Seeking woodland shelter where you slept

Watched over by God’s wild creatures

The strength of our love guiding you home


For three long weeks we searched in vain

But our paths were destined not to cross

Driven by hunger and ancient instinct

Your life was snuffed by the hunter’s lead


Now peacefully resting by open views

Where your spirit can hunt into the night

A gentle breeze whispers to the trees

Your secret kept safe forever with me


I feel the warmth of your breath and your paw on my lap

You’re reluctant to leave but you must go

Run Free at the bridge where no one can harm you

And wait for me there until we’re together again



"Whisper" came to live with us when she was almost four weeks old, so needed very special care.  Fortunately she was taken in by "Echo", who had a litter of a similar age.  This was a miracle that astounded everyone who knew her, as "Echo" isn't terribly fond of puppies and barely tolerates her own, yet she understood the needs of this tiny pup and took her under her wing, adopting her as one of her own.  Although "Whisper" has bonded with me, she has a very strong sense of self-preservation and soon established her place within the pack but never trusted other humans. 

She was extremely intelligent and had to work out for herself how everything worked.   She could delicately turn the key in a lock and even separated the key, ring and fob!   When I put some solar 'rock lights' in the garden, she 'stole' one and took it to bits, obviously trying to find out where the light came from!She loved to play tricks on me and her favourite was to lift the drain cover and hide it - she watched with a glint in her eye as I searched for it.   On the rare occasion when I couldn't find it she would eventually put it back for me, giving me a look that clearly said "I won that round".

"Whisper" loved water and could usually be found in the 'dog pool' on a hot day.   She was expert at picking fruit from the trees and would leap into the air to pick the best fruit from the higher branches.   She adored puppies and would play with them for hours, although she never had any of her own.   She also took care of them and if she saw me getting the hose out she would move any pups to a safe place, where they wouldn't get wet. 

Despite rumours claiming that she was an F1 wolfdog, being spread by certain 'experts' and 'people in the know' who don't like competition in the Wolf Lookalike breeding world, "Whisper" was in fact only a low content wolfdog from a Northern Inuit dog dam and wolfdog cross sire (Saarloos).  These wild claims are totally pointless as she was never going to be bred from for a number of reasons and wasn't, therefore, a threat to other Wolfdog/Wolf Lookalike breeders.   "Whisper" inherited the natural wolf reserve from her distant wolf ancestors, making her extremely wary of strangers;  she was inquisitive but preferred to watch from a safe distance.  Although she had the Tundra Wolf appearance that we are aiming for I do not want to breed timid dogs since they do not make good domestic pets.   In addition to this her Northern Inuit dog line contained several health problems that I didn't want to introduce into the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme, so she was just a beautiful, much loved, family pet.   However, she was a favourite with visitors who had to be content with just taking photographs;  she saved all her cuddles for me.  

Sadly on the 12th of April she was stolen from our garden.  From reported sightings we think she either escaped or was dumped 40 miles from home.   We spent over three weeks searching for her and tracking her progress through sightings as she steadily made her way across open countryside in the direction of home.   There was a report in a local newspaper of a Wolf on the Wolds with a picture of her, which is the last picture ever taken.  Sadly she found herself on a private estate, where near starvation caused her to kill some sheep and she was tragically shot and killed before we could reach her.  She was brought home on the 8th of May 2012 and laid to rest overlooking the open fields, where she loved to watch the pheasants.  She has left a gaping hole which can never be filled and she is missed terribly by myself, the family and her pack.   Run free sweet girl - you were very special and will never be forgotten x

I can't believe that the person I brought Whisper from - who didn't breed her but purchased the litter from the actual breeder at a very young age as a business investment - has put on her website that she bred the dog and she was a wolf hybrid!   I have it in writing from this person that Whisper was a Saarloos Wolfdog x Northern Inuit. I was asked to help out as she was struggling to rear the litter as they'd been taken away from their mother far too young and several of them were showing signs of illness - so I took on one that wasn't ill and after a quarantine period I allowed her to be reared by one of my bitches alongside her own litter. Whisper formed such a strong bond with me and my other dogs that I couldn't bear to be parted from her and I therefore paid this woman £1,000 for the dog with the agreement that I would pay a further £1,000 if ever I bred from her.   However, a few months later she decided that she wanted the dog back and she came to my house late one night, with her friends, and tried to take her and another of my dogs.  Obviously the police were called and she even had the audacity to tell the police, in front of me, that I had been looking after her dogs and wouldn't let her have them back!   Fortunately I had written evidence that I had bought the dogs and they belonged to me.  Whisper was a very beautiful, intelligent dog who won the hearts of everyone who met her.  It is tragic enough that she was stolen from my property and was either released or escaped 40 miles from home and was later shot dead.  This family has gone through enough without all the evil lies that are being told - we are not even permitted to grieve in peace without sick minded people spreading malicious rumours that we have "over 22 wolf hybrids here that regularly escape and kill livestock" or that they "don't believe she was shot but rather that my other dogs killed her" or "she ran away to get away from my other dogs".  I have welcomed dozens of families into my home to meet my dogs and all would testify that I have no more dogs here than are on my website;  that they are an assortment of 'wolf lookalike' mixes and all the dogs are sociable and friendly - a couple are nervous and these are the ones that were actually bred by this woman and are poor examples compared with my own breeding.  Can you believe anything this person says?   Obviously just a commercial breeder with no heart or compassion!

(This page will be updated in the very near future with the last, stunning pics of Whisper taken during the snow last winter plus the newspaper report with her last photo).

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who were out searching for her, offering practical help and moral support throughout the last three weeks.  You gave us hope and kept us going through the very hard times.  We very much appreciate the network of dog lovers who were with us in our hour of need and I'm only sorry that there was such a very sad end.  Thank you.


whisper 4 wks
"Whisper" is fascinated by my laptop
whisper 4 wks
Not quite 4 weeks old and needing special care
whisper and echos pups
4 weeks old and "Whisper" has been accepted
as part of "Echo's" litter
echo whisper and pups
"Echo" letting "Whisper" and her own pups
suckle - "Winter" looks on longingly and
"Echo" eventually allows him to suckle too!
sky and whisper
Realising that "Sky" is the pack Alpha
"Whisper" goes to her for reassurance & protection

Dinner Time!
whisper and the pack
Joining in with the pack
whisper 11 weeks
11 weeks old
whisper 12 weeks
12 weeks old - "Whisper" loves playing in water
whisper 4 months
"Whisper" loves fruit
whisper 4 months
She soon learned how to pick plums
whisper 4 months
4 months old


"Whisper" enjoys exploring the Lincolnshire countryside with her friends
(she is kept on a long line as she 'spooks' easily)
whisper walk
"Whisper" enjoys a stroll in the countryside

whisper walk
"Kalli" and "Whisper"

whisper walk
"Whisper" and "Winter"

whisper walk

whisper walk
"Whisper" with  "Timber", "Kalli", "Winter"
and "Sky"
whisper walk
"Whisper" and friend "Kalli"


  whisper 6 months  
whisper 6 months
whisper 5 months
5 months old - eating windfall apples

whisper 6 months
Hunting for hibernating hedgehogs!
  whisper 6 months
6 months old



whisper whisper in the snow 2009
8 months old

whisper whisper and timber
"Whisper" and "Timber"

whisper 18 months old

"Whisper" loves the snow
whisper and boomer ball



whisper 18 months
"Whisper" loves puppies



whisper and quest
"Quest" - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
"Whisper" - Wolfdog x

whisper and zephyr
"I got me a pup!"
"Whisper" adopted "Zephyr" and loved mothering him

13 months

whisper 1 yr
1 year old

whisper 1 yr old
Looking for plums - a bit early

18 months old

whisper 18 months
18 months

whisper 18months
1 year old
15 months

whisper 20 months
20 months

whisper 23 months
23 months
whisper and boomer ball

whisper 18 months

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"The Wolf Lookalike Handbook"

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