Original Art and Pet Portraits


Aimee Curry

aimee and ruby 

Aimee with her Sansorrella wolfdog "Ruby"


The following are examples of artwork by new up and coming self-representing artist Aimee Curry.   Unfortunately a tragic loss has meant that only a small number of pictures by this talented artist are currently available to buy.   None of the pictures shown below have been reproduced, so each picture is unique.   These works are offered for sale elsewhere so please email to check availability.

Pet Portraits

If you would like an original sketch of your pet please use the link below to email Aimee direct and get a price quoted for your required artwork - prices will depend on size, medium and complexity of the picture.   Good quality, detailed photographs will be needed to ensure every detail is captured in the drawing but any pet can be drawn, nothing too large or too small!  Dogs, Cats, Horses etc.  

Sizes available are A5, A4, A3 and A2

Prices range from £15 for an A5 sketch to£70 for A2 - unmounted.   These are just average prices and each picture will be priced individually.

Each work of art is unique and not reproduced, so your pet portrait will be a very limited edition of one and signed by the artist.


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Original photo
"Indi" - Lurcher
Original Drawing
This original drawing is a tribute to
our dear friends' lurcher "Indi"  - a
loyal companion and true gentleman
who is sorely missed but not forgotten.
Original photo
"Toby" - Chihuahua
Original painting
Aimee's artwork and the original
photos are reproduced with kind
permission of the owners, to show
how Aimee can create a painting
or drawing from any photograph.

These two stunning pictures are
sold and cannot be reproduced
but you can email Aimee a photo
of your pet and have your own
original artwork.

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aimees horse pic
horse and jockey
"Horse and Jockey"
Pen drawing - A3
wolf snarling abstract
"Abstract Snarling Wolf"
Pencil, Pastel and Pen - A3
great dane
"Great Dane"
Pen sketch - A4
girl singer
"Girl Singer"
Modern Impressionist pen and ink - A3
wild water bird
"Wild Water Bird" - A3

beyonce pencil drawing
Pencil - A3
3d sculpture
"Abstract of a sculpture"
Pen and Ink - A3
beyonce colour sketch
Waterbased - A3

fir cone fine drawing
"Pine cone"
detailed and carefully drawn from nature

  timber sketch


aimees email

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