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me breeze and timber in hull
Me with Breeze and Timber
 kalli sansorrella first class
Sansorrella First Class
Thank you for taking an interest in the Sansorrella website.

fter spending an important part of my life rearing five lovely children with a menagerie of assorted pets and livestock, plus several years involved with falconry, I finally got back into the dog world by breeding and showing shelties. In 1999 I found the 'Northern Inuit dog' and my life has never been the same since!   During many years of breeding these dogs I have enjoyed numerous show successes
(see Trophy Room for details).   I have also had several 1st place wins in obedience competitions with this 'breed' and some respectable placing in agility with one of my German Shepherd Dogs, but have neglected to compete recently due to other commitments.  However, Sansorrella dogs continue to do well in obedience and agility competitions, in addition to achieving many prestigious show wins for their proud owners.
 echo best in show
"Echo" - Best in Show

I was Chairperson of the Northern Inuit Society for a while before forming The Inuit Dog Association with a few fellow enthusiasts, where I was Chairperson for the first two years. TIDA changed their name to The Independent Dog Association, now registering their dogs as 'Timber dogs' and 'Northern Inuit dogs', which I feel is ambiguous and doesn't clarify their aim.  

I am very disillusioned with all the 'breed' clubs due to their unprofessionalism, unethical breeding practices and general lack of support for their members, whether breeders or owners.   I don’t want to tarnish this website with politics, suffice to say that I am now continuing my research into the health of these dogs independently, uncovering the true extent of the consequences of inbreeding as explained in the health and genetics sections of this website. 

Too much time has been spent trying to discover the history behind Northern Inuit dogs.  As no accurate records were kept in the early years it is impossible to collate true documentation of the origins necessary to satisfy the Kennel Club, thereby making recognition of these dogs as a 'breed' impossible. The many discrepancies in pedigrees make them unreliable at best and it is time to leave the past behind.     
Sansorrella Seaspray

Sansorrella Lady in Red
I am now concentrating on forging a healthy future for 'Wolf Lookalike dogs', using only pedigrees known to be true from first hand knowledge of the dogs themselves.  DNA profiling of all breeding stock and micro chipping litters will ensure accurate, honest and irrefutable records for the future.

Together with a few likeminded and responsible breeders I am now participating in a breeding programme with the specific aim of expanding the gene pool and developing a heavier coated dog, with a Tundra wolf appearance (see the Wolfdog breed standard for details). To distinguish our dogs from other 'Wolf Lookalike' dogs we are registering all our dogs with the Anglo Wulfdog registry, which is not a club but merely a database to record all litters and monitor the health and temperament of the dogs we breed. The name Anglo Wulfdog was chosen as 'Anglo' denotes the English origins and 'Wulfdog' is formed from the Anglo Saxon spelling of wolf - 'Wulf'.  Thereby 'Wulfdog' gives the impression of 'Wolfdog' in the same way that our dogs give the impression of being wolves, but aren't.

tundra 1yr
Sansorrella Tundra Spirit
All Anglo Wulfdog breeders share the conviction that the 'Wolf Lookalike' dog, in particular the Northern Inuit dog, is chronically inbred and has reached a genetic 'bottleneck'.  There are twelve excellent articles on this website which explain in detail the perils of inbreeding and advises breeders to do what we at Sansorrella and Anglo Wulfdog are already doing to give the 'Wolf Lookalike' a viable future.

Sansorrella and Anglo Wulfdog breeders are breeding for stamina, health and temperament; hoping to ultimately produce a more viable and wolflike dog than any previous UK wolf lookalike 'breed'. 

Sansorrella is unique in showing not only our breeding dogs' hip scores, but also their DNA profile certificates, DM test results and their coefficiency of inbreeding; including the COI of every litter. To understand the importance of COI see the Coefficiency of Inbreeding Calculation article.   A few breeders claim to have Northern Inuit dogs with low COI, but unfortunately these have been calculated over just three or four generations whereas it is necessary to use ten generation pedigrees to get an accurate COI and we at Sansorrella have the technology to do this accurately.
Sansorrella Pagan Promise
quest 2 yrs old

crystal and tundra
Sansorrella Celestial Crystal and Sansorrella Tundra Spirit
Wolfzone High Flyer at Sansorrella
I was a keen and active member of the group working to establish the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog as a breed in the UK and took my first step in this direction in January 2009 when “Quest” joined us.   I think it is going to be a long time before these dogs are recognised by the UK Kennel Club, which is a great shame for the breed as it deserves credibility in the UK.  Unfortunately some CSV breeders in the UK are breeding their bitches unsympathetically and using dogs with hip scores that are higher than I feel is acceptable.  With the lack of suitable studs in the UK I won't be joining them in breeding pure Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs for the forseeable future.

is only a small kennel and all my dogs live in the house, several being neutered family pets.  All like to be involved in the family’s activities, as well as their own individual specialities such as obedience, agility, ring craft or just being a lap dog.  I must confess that I have neglected their formal training recently due to my own health problems but hope to be back in the ring again soon.
questhead 6 months

My aim is to bring the wolfdog and 'Wolf Lookalike' dog to the attention of the general public, to promote their versatility and to improve the quality of these wonderful dogs by selective breeding, keeping accurate records of litters and monitoring the health and temperament of all puppies produced.

Here at Sansorrella we take pride in breeding for temperament as well as good looks! We only breed a few litters a year and the emphasis is on producing healthy, well reared, well socialised and confident puppies. Although we only breed a small number of puppies they are bred from top quality, health tested and DNA profiled parents and a lot of time, planning, care and love goes into each litter.


"Whisper" and "Zephyr"
2009 saw the launch of Sansorrella's exciting new breeding programme, which is the foundation of a new era in ‘Wolf Lookalike’ dogs (see latest news and litters pages for details).   Although the purpose is to create more genetically diverse dogs for our breeding programme, there are inevitably surplus puppies available to the right homes and several families are now delighted to be proud owners of Sansorrella Wolf-Lookalike puppies.

2010 continued our breeding programme by further expansion of the gene pool and we saw our second generation of Anglo Wulfdogs in early 2011.  We are now breeding fifth generation Anglo Wulfdogs and have developed a definite 'type'!

quest 2 yrs

I have had many years experience with just about every aspect of keeping dogs and answered questions on general husbandry, care, training, behaviour, breeding and common ailments on "AWolf in Sheeps Clothing", a forum for owners, breeders and anyone interested in Wolfdogs, Northern Inuit dogs, Utonagon, Tamaskan and any Wolf Lookalike or Northern breed. More recently the popularity of 'forums' has diminished in favour of social media so in addition to my own Sandra Curry Anglo Wulfdog account I also have a group for Anglo Wulfdog owners and anyone interested in these dogs Sansorrella Anglo Wulfdogs.

pagan and drummer
"Pagan" and "Drummer"

aimee and the pack

Some of the Sansorrella pack greeting Aimee


Sansorrella Lady in Red
Whilst I am more than happy to talk to people on the phone, welcome visitors into my home to meet my pack and to answer any questions you may have about these breeds, please don't cause embarrassment or insult me by phoning or emailing for help and advice about a dog purchased from another breeder, you should go back to the breeder of your dog.   A responsible breeder will give a good after sales service, as well as 4 weeks free insurance, and I am available, day or night, to offer help and advice to my puppy owners for the life of their dog. Sadly not all breeders do this and some are unapproachable if a problem or query arises after they have sold the puppy. However, if you wish to inform me of a health problem or unexpected loss of a Northern Inuit dog, you are invited to do so via the online Health Survey form (which can be found in the Health section of this website).   This is open to ALL owners, regardless of where they purchased their dog; personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence but pedigree information will aid our research into genetic health issues.

I am delighted that my puppy owners stay in touch and frequently update me with photos and news of puppies I have bred over the years.   Many are regular visitors and have become firm friends of the family.   I am proud of the fact that a large number of my puppy owners come back for a second, third or even fourth or fifth puppy from subsequent litters, which is testimony to my owners being more than satisfied with the quality of Sansorrella puppies and the service we provide.

andi and timber
"Timber" enjoying a hug from one of our visitors

visitors meet wicca
A visitors gets to know "Wicca"

timber and friends 
"Timber" is always a hit with the girls

visitors oct 2011
"Crystal" trying to be a lap dog!

timber and friend
"Timber" loves a hug

If you are considering owning a wolfdog, wolfdog cross or 'Wolf-Lookalike breed' I would advise you to look at a few adult dogs together and not be tempted after meeting just one dog on its own or falling for that cute puppy.   When two or more of this type of dog get together their interaction and boisterous play needs to be seen to be appreciated and is very often misunderstood by the uninitiated.  
With this in mind Sansorrella welcomes visitors to spend time with the pack in order to get the full 'wolfdog experience'. In consideration of one of my neighbours, who has taken a dislike to my pack and doesn't appreciate the welcome they give to visitors, from 2012 I will no longer offer individual visits but will hold several "Meet and Greet" days throughout the Summer, when groups of people can come and meet the pack and, if time allows, go for a "Walk with the Wolfdogs".  Regrettably people won't get my totally undivided attention but I will endeavour to answer any questions visitors may have about my pack and this type of dog in general and being one of a group of visitors won't detract from the welcome my pack will give. 

See the 'Meet and Greet' and 'Puppy Cuddles' galleries for pics showing the welcome our pack has given to the many visitors over recent years.

Please note that my "Meet and Greet" sessions have been put on hold for the foreseeable future due to my own health issues but I hope to able to hold them again in 2017.

Detailed information on several of the wolfdog and Wolf Lookalike breeds can be found on this website.

These are not the easiest dogs and should not be considered as a first dog.  Experience of large breeds, confidence, commitment and a good sense of humour are essential qualities in an owner. 

If you would like to read about this type of dog at your leisure then I can recommend my book "The Wolf Lookalike Handbook", which is packed with information and over 100 stunning colour photographs.  It is available to buy direct from the publisher in paperback, hardback, cover wrap and ebook versions.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the "World of Sansorrella".
                                                                                                                             Sandra Curry
pied piper
A visitor enjoying the Sansorrella 'wolfdog experience'

visitors and timber and bracken
"Bracken" and "Timber" enthusiastically greet visitors

visitors meet sky and timber 
"Sky" and "Timber" greeting visitors

visitors oct 2011
"Crystal" giving a visitor a bear hug!
puppy cuddles
A puppy relaxing with a visitor

visitor and pup
Puppy Cuddles

nicky family
Visitors with some of the pack and puppies
echo and visitor
"Echo" enjoying a fuss from a visitor

tundra pups visitor

"Tundra" and her pups meet Mini - a real puppy person!

visitors and timber

"Timber" makes himself comfortable on a visitors lap!"



luna and pagan 

"Luna" and "Pagan"

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"If you love it, let it go, If it comes back it's yours - If it doesn't, it never was"


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