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Exciting News for 2014
- A very special wolfdog puppy will be arriving from Europe in January with the potential of being our new stud dog.  If all goes to plan he will be a great asset to the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme.  Pictures and more news to follow in due course.

Litters for 2014 - We have some exciting litters planned for 2014.   Most of our puppies are reserved before they are even born, but if you are interested in any of our litters please contact me asap to check availability.   See "Puppies Available" page for details of current litters and "Future Breeding Plans" for planned litters.

Coming Soon - pictures of our new prospects "Tarot" (Sansorrella Fortune Teller) and "Charm" (Sansorrella Silver Charm).


Devastating Loss

sky's last day out

20.11.00 - 26.8.13
August Bank Holiday 2013 was a tremendously sad day for me when I had to make that heartbreaking decision to let my beloved "Sky" go to Rainbow Bridge.  She was a remarkable dog and showed bravery and dignity right to the end.  She was the undisputed alpha of the Sansorrella pack and has left the pack at a loss without her strong leadership. I am glad that a week previously my daughters Aimee and Alison came to visit and helped me take "Sky" for one last walk on the beach with her lifelong friend and companion "Echo", who has also recently been diagnosed with cancer.  It was very slow progress walking across the sand but "Sky" was determined to get to the waters edge, where she enjoyed sitting watching the waves and people playing in the sea, probably remembering the thrill of running through the waves in her younger days, as you can see from the picture above.  She was a very loyal companion and soul mate and she touched the hearts of everyone who met her.  Run Free sweet Sky - we will always love you x


calendar 2012

calendar 2013

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calendar 2013



"The Wolf Lookalike Handbook"

featuring the Sansorrella Pack


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Congratulations !

elektra and michael

Michael and "Elektra" (aka Sansorrella Coyote)

Placed First in Best Puppy Class
at Southend's Robin Hood Show

Michael and "Elektra" had a very busy day with their family.   Not only did they win Best Puppy but "Elektra" took part in a TTouch demonstration, showing off her recall skills.  The family were also interviewed by TV for the CBBC programme "Who Let The Dogs Out", which will be on air some time in September.   Well done everyone, especially Michael and "Elektra" - I'm very proud of you and thank you for flying the flag for Sansorrella. 

elektra and michael


Very Sad News

Sadly on the 12th of April "Whisper" was stolen from our garden.  From reported sightings we think she either escaped from her abductors or was dumped 40 miles from home.   We spent over three weeks searching for her and tracking her progress through sightings as she steadily made her way across open countryside in the direction of home.   There was a report in a local newspaper of a 'Wolf on the Wolds' with a picture of her, which is the last picture ever taken.  Sadly she found herself on a private estate, where near starvation caused her to kill some sheep and she was tragically shot and killed before we could reach her.  She was brought home on the 8th of May 2012 and laid to rest overlooking the open fields, where she loved to watch the pheasants.  She has left a gaping hole which can never be filled and she is missed terribly by myself, the family and her pack.   Run free sweet girl - you were very special and will never be forgotten x

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who were out searching for her, offering practical help and moral support throughout this terrible ordeal.  You gave us hope and kept us going through the very hard times.  We very much appreciate the network of dog lovers who were with us in our hour of need and I'm only sorry that there was such a very sad end.  Thank you.   Sandra and family




 (7.5.09 - 5.5.12)

"Always remembered - forever missed"



whisper and me

For Whisper


Gliding cat-like through the shadows

Watching intently from afar

Huge paws silently leaving a tell tale trail

The only clue that you were there


With eyes that looked into my soul

You read my thoughts, my moods and emotions

Sharing a bond that will never be broken

No words were needed for you just knew


The privileged time we spent together

Side by side in sun or shade

I wish it could have gone on forever

Fate cruelly took you far too soon


Courageously you crossed open pastures

Seeking woodland shelter where you slept

Watched over by God’s wild creatures

The strength of our love guiding you home


For three long weeks we searched in vain

But our paths were destined not to cross

Driven by hunger and ancient instinct

Your life was snuffed by the hunter’s lead


Now peacefully resting by open views

Where your spirit can hunt into the night

A gentle breeze whispers to the trees

Your secret kept safe forever with me


I feel the warmth of your breath and your paw on my lap

You’re reluctant to leave but you must go

Run Free at the bridge where no one can harm you

And wait for me there until we’re together again



DM (Degenerative Myolopathy) - Since researching this health problem we discovered a simple DNA test in mid-2011 which shows whether a dog is n/n (clear), n/DM (carrier) or DM/DM (affected).   We tested all our breeding dogs and bitches, as well as our puppies, and discovered that some of them were n/DM (carriers).   After taking veterinary advice we are confident that it is safe to breed our 'carriers' providing we take care to only breed them with n/n (clear) dogs.  This can ONLY produce 'carriers' or 'clears' and none of the offspring will be affected by this problem.   By selecting only the 'clears' from these litters to be included in the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme we can eliminate this problem and from then on only breed 'clear'. 

Sadly very few Wolf Lookalike, Northern Inuit dog or Wolfdog breeders test for DM and are, through ignorance and carelessness, breeding 'carriers' to 'carriers' and even 'affected' - thereby increasing the number of affected dogs in the population.   This is totally irresponsible and unnecessary.  We are open about our test results, so prospective owners are fully aware and can make informed decisions.

If you wish to know more about the DM test and what the results mean, please do not hesitate to contact me.


kc assured breeders scheme logo

kc accredited breeders scheme certificate

kc accredited breeder scheme certificate 2011
kc assured breeder scheme certificate 2012

kc assured breeder certificate

Although we have been proud to be members of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeders Scheme in the past, we will be withdrawing from the scheme in 2014.  This decision has been taken due to the planned extortionate increases in membership fees being charged by the Kennel Club for a scheme with no obvious benefits for the breeder.

However, you may rest assured that the same high standard will continue to apply to all puppies bred by Sansorrella.

In fact we go further than the Kennel Club requirements in the care and welfare of our dogs and rearing of our puppies, the information given in our comprehensive puppy packs and the after sale service we offer puppy buyers for the life of their dog.


"Tundra", "Ash", "Magic" and "Rune"

"Tundra" - Sansorrella Tundra Spirit

Daughter of "Wicca" - Sansorrella Seaspray
Grandaughter of "Echo"

Hip Score:  3:4
DM: n/DM

"Ash" - Sansorrella Quest for Perfection

Son of "Quest" - Wolfzone High Flyer at Sansorrella (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)

Hip Score:  4:5
DM: n/n (clear)


"Magic" - Sansorrella Mystic Magic

Daughter of "Ruby" - Sansorrella Lady in Red
Grandaughter of "Pagan" - Sansorrella Pagan Promise

Hip Score:  6:6
DM: n/n (clear)

Sansorrella Wimik

Daughter of "Tundra" - Sansorrella Tundra Spirit
Grandaughter of "Wicca" - Sansorrella Seaspray
Great Grandaughter of "Echo"

Hip Score to follow at a year old
DM test to follow
We have great hopes that "Tundra", "Ash", "Magic" and "Rune" will play an important part in the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme for the improvement of Wolf Lookalike dogs.  "Tundra" produced an excellent first litter and her daughter "Rune" promises to continue this outstanding line.  "Ash" and "Magic" are an interesting combination, with Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfdog and Alaskan Malamute content they should produce stunningly wolfish puppies.


The Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding by Professor Patrick Bateson
Link to pdf file


Leaked report:   Major Changes in Dog Breeding

Quote from OUR DOGS:

A massive change in the way that dogs are bought and sold in the UK is a suggestion that could be put forward when the long awaited Bateson Inquiry is put published next week.

In what seems to be a leak to the media concerning the Inquiry, it seems that a compulsory registration scheme for breeders (of pedigrees or crosses) has emerged in the report from Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, a leading zoologist, which aims to stamp out contraversial breeding practices in which puppies are born with disease and deformities.

The report, which appears in The Times, suggested that only breeders with a registered number and who are subject to checks on their animals and premises would be allowed to sell or to advertise the sale of puppies.

If true, Professor Bateson's recommendations, commissioned by the Kennel Club and the Dog's Trust, is certain to cause concern among many dog breeders, however, according to reports, he believes the change is now inevitable.

In future it is envisaged that all puppies would be sold with a veterinary certificate guaranteeing their health, and stating the name of their parents as well as the registered number of the breeder. All dogs would be microchipped and breeders would be subject to random inspections.

The Kennel Club's banning of the mating of parent dogs with offspring and siblings should, claims the report, also be extended to grandparents and half siblings dogs.

Professor Bateson said that in future he expected registration to be restricted to Accredited Breeders who follow tough health and welfare rules.


In echoes of the APGAW report, Bateson is said to favour a new statutory body to oversee all breeding practices, rather than leaving decisions solely to the KC. "I think regulation is the only way to do it. The public need to insist they know the pedigree of a dog and to know it has been properly looked after, and only go to Accredited Breeders", he is reported to have said.

The proposals are already in force in France. The KC declined to comment on the matter, and insisted the reports were "pure speculation" at this point.

David Cavill, who took part in the inquiry, told OUR DOGS: "The long awaited Bateson report commissioned by the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust was due to be launched in London at the National Liberal club next Thursday 14th January but the main recommendations have been leaked to The Times which carried a summary on the 4th January.

Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, a leading zoologist is suggesting that controversial breeding practices are only likely to be eliminated if all breeders are registered and are subjected to checks on their animals and premises.

The report also says that puppies should only be sold if accompanied by a veterinary certificate guaranteeing their health.

One of the main concerns of the report is the inbreeding of dogs and Professor Bateson believes that the Kennel Club ban on the mating of parent dogs between offspring and siblings should be extended to the grandparents and half sibling dogs. He also recommends that in the future, the registration of pedigree dogs should be restricted to Accredited Breeders who follow tough health and welfare rules and favours a new statutory body to oversee all breeding practices, as he believes the Kennel Club's role as 'judge and jury' is questionable.


OUR DOGS has not yet had chance to see the full report but many immediate questions arise.

"I believe that it is unlikely that veterinary surgeons would be prepared to, in effect, 'guarantee' the health status of a puppy and although responsible breeders are already signed up the KC's Accredited Breeders Scheme, the result of such legislation would be an expanding market in 'designer dogs' specifically bred to get around any legal requirements imposed by the government, the Kennel Club or, for that matter, any independent statutory body, the composition of which would be likely to include many who were prejudiced against pedigree dogs.

As we have stated many times: the UK does not need more laws or regulations. If those laws already in place were implemented many of the current problems, arising from the farming of puppies, would quickly disappear.

This would allow the Kennel Club to get on with the job of improving health and welfare of those breeds which need attention. At first sight, the Bateson report appears to be the usual regulatory sledge hammer designed to crack what is little more than a nut.

There are some excellent comments on The Times website almost all of which support the basic problems we have identified here. It makes a nice change to feel that those contributing to the debate from outside the world of dogs seem to be largely on our side".

The above was taken from OUR DOGS magazine and gives much food for thought.   I imagine the proposals would be very difficult to police but would go a long way towards improving the health and welfare of all breeds.  

It is my personal belief that an independent body would be best suited to oversee this, which seems to incorporate both the KC Accredited Breeder's Scheme and local council Breeders Licencing.   Unfortunately I fail to see how this would eliminate puppy farmers though.  

I also think it would be too much to expect veterinary surgeons to 'guarantee' a puppy, as they would be unaware of any genetic health problems that were underlying but not apparent at the time of examination. 

However, the report supports the Anglo Wulfdog belief that inbreeding is wrong and therefore our aims for improving the health of the wolf lookalike dog is following the right path (see the sections on this website covering
Health problems in Northern Inuit dogs and Breeding for genetic health as well as my own future breeding plans).  

All litters registered with the Anglo Wulfdog database are from registered health tested parents and are raised with the highest regard to health and welfare.  Puppies are vet checked, first vaccinated, microchipped and insured and every breeder will issue a pedigree certificate and confirm that they have taken every precaution to ensure the good health of that puppy.   Anglo Wulfdog breeders abide by a very strict code of practice and conform to an agreed breeding programme.   Registered puppies will be accompanied by a unique Anglo Wulfdog certificate of authenticity.


Breeding Plans for "Anglo Wulfdog"
Wolf Lookalike Dogs

As mentioned previously on this site, I do not intend breeding any more 'Northern Inuit' to 'Northern Inuit' litters due to my concerns over the health issues caused through the chronic inbreeding and poorly selected founder dogs.   I intend improving my lines by introducing good, proven, health tested stock of the breeds used to create the 'Northern Inuit' dog originally (Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd dog) with the addition of established wolfdog breeds (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Saarloos Wolfdog) in order to maintain the wolfish appearance and characteristics.  Working with a group of responsible breeders we aim to produce a viable Tundra wolf-lookalike dog with a temperament that befits a safe family pet. 

In order to distinguish our dogs from other 'wolf lookalike' breeds we are calling our dogs "Anglo Wulfdogs" .   This name was chosen as 'Anglo' denotes it's English origins and 'Wulf', being the Anglo-Saxon word for Wolf, has the appearance of the word Wolf in much the same way as our dogs have the appearance of wolves without being wolves.

Future Breeding Plans and Litters pages for further details of the stages of our breeding plan.

The main purpose of this breeding plan is to develop our Anglo Wulfdogs and provide breeding dogs and bitches to carry on the future of this type of dog. Nevertheless there will nearly always be puppies surplus to our breeding requirements and these will be available to pet homes. Puppies will only be sold to suitable and approved homes, where there is an expectation of a long and happy life for the puppy.  Only a limited number of deposits will be taken to reserve puppies from planned litters in order to avoid disappointment and our lists fill very quickly with bookings from people keen to have one of these very special dogs. If you are interested in giving a home to one of our puppies please contact me for further details. 


Back to Longcoat German Shepherd Dogs

Since losing my GSDs I have really missed these dogs and there is still a place for them in my heart and in my home.  After much thought and consideration I decided that I would again like to have these beautiful companions in my life.  In December 2009 my pack was joined by a new male puppy from "Beau" and "Lace" of the Sanscott kennel.  "Beau" is full blood brother (but not litter brother) to one of my previous GSD bitches "Reba". 

Coming Soon - "Bracken's" blog - The story of a GSD pup
me and bracken 
Me with "Bracken" 8 weeks old
bracken 5 months 
"Bracken" 5 months old
bracken 6 months 
6 months old
bracken and lace
8 months old 
meeting mum "Lace"

bracken 10 months

"Bracken" - Sanscott Careless Whisper to Sansorrella - 10 months


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Wolfdogs Magazine is created by wolfdog owners for wolfdog owners. Inside every issue, you will find great stories about great wolfdogs and their owners. The best part about these stories is that they are written by the actual owners of these awesome animals. This is every wolfdog owners chance to show the world how great your wolfdogs are. To submit your stories go to subscribe and once you are subscribed, click on the submit stories link. In addition to subscriber written contributions Wolfdogs Magazine will also feature a large variety of other interesting wolfdog related articles.

The readers of Wolfdogs Magazine will be more than just wolfdog owners. This magazine will be read by individuals who may just want to learn more about wolfdogs in general. This is a great magazine to anonymously sponsor a subscription for your State and local officials, Animal Control, Wildlife Department, Neighbours or anybody that you think should learn more about the positive side of wolfdogs.

Wolfdogs Magazine also offers advertising for your business, Products, Services, Websites and More!!!

Our editors understand the sensitive needs of our literary contributors. In other words, parts of your stories will not be taken out of context, causing your words to be misquoted or misrepresented. In addition the only information about you, that will be included in your submissions, will be just the information that you volunteer.

Wolfdogs Magazine has six issues per year and is loaded with photos. Its informative, educational and fun!!! You will not want to miss a single issue so go to and SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!


Latest update from DEFRA concerning wolfdog hybrids (see DEFRA page on this website for full document)

Wolf-dog hybrids and the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

The Act regulates the keeping of certain kinds of dangerous animals, except animals kept in zoos, circuses or pet shops. Under the Act, licences are required for the keeping of any animal which appears in the schedule to the Act.

Wolf-dog hybrids are not a true species but rather a hybrid of the domestic dog crossed with the wolf. Such animals are required to be licensed under the Act.  This is because the Schedule to the Act states that any hybrid of a kind of mammal specified in the Schedule must be licensed; a wolf is a mammal specified in the Schedule as it is included in the listing of all species of Canidae (i.e. the dog family) and does not fall within the specified exemptions to this listing, unlike the Canis familiaris, the domestic dog (but not the Dingo, Canis familiaris dingo), raccoon dogs and foxes. 

In addition, under the Act any animal with at least one parent as such a hybrid requires a licence. However, the second generation following a wolf/domestic dog hybrid does not require a licence if neither of its parents are such a hybrid, as illustrated below.

*Wolf    + Domestic Dog or other non-licencable species    
| _*Wolfdog Hybrid    F1     + non-licencable species or F1 or F2 hybrid  
  | _*Wolfdog Hybrid   F2      + non-licencable species or F2 hybrid
| _Wolfdog Hybrid   F3

* Licence required

Therefore, taking the example of Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs, Saarloos or similar “wolf-dog hybrids”, where an animal is third generation, or further removed from the original wolf content, a licence is not required under the Act.

If owners are in doubt as to whether animals require licensing, then Defra advises them to contact their local authority for advice.

The Department and the RSPCA jointly funded research into the keeping of wolf-dog hybrids and this was published in 2001.

The contractors found that very few wolf-hybrids were kept and that advertisements for wolf-dogs were generally misleading and had been embellished to attract public interest and justify high prices. The report also outlines some physical characteristics to help identify true wolf-dog hybrids, which local authorities may find useful. The full research report is available at The Keeping of Wolf-Hybrids in Great Britain [PDF] (556 KB)

The reference in the study to licences being required for breeds claiming any amount of wolf content, however diluted, should now be viewed in light of the information regarding hybrid generations detailed above.

Dangerous dogs are regulated under their own legislation. Further information on dangerous dogs can be found on the animal welfare pages.

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