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Litter Planned for Spring/early Summer 2019

Our Wolfdog stud dog

"Soul" - Soul of Sansorrella

will sire this litter - COI of 0%

Sire: "Soul" - Soul of Sansorrella
Wolfdog (Import)
75% Czechoslovakian Wolfdog 25% American Wolfdog
Hip Score: 10:9
DM: n/n Clear

Health Report

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Dam: "Magic" - Sansorrella Mystic Magic
Anglo Wulfdog
50% Alaskan Malamute/50% Northern Inuit x Saarloos Wolfdog
Hip Score: 6:6
DM: n/n (Clear)

Health Report

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Please Note: 
Prospective owners of these puppies should preferably have experience with wolfdogs or at least experience with large independent breeds and be able to put in a lot of time socialising and training and also be prepared for the high demands of a wolfdog. 


As we only take a limited number of reservations in order to avoid disappointment, it is
possible that there could be extra puppies available if larger than average litters are born.


Plans 2009 - 2019

As mentioned previously on this site, I do not intend breeding any more 'Northern Inuit' to 'Northern Inuit' litters due to my concerns over the health issues caused through the chronic inbreeding and poorly selected founder dogs.   I intend improving my lines by introducing good, proven, health tested stock of the breeds used to create the Northern Inuit dog (Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd) and also established wolfdog breeds (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Saarloos Wolfdog).

My first step in this direction was taken in 2009 by putting certain Sansorrella NI bitches to a proven Saarloos x NI stud dog.   The main purpose was to create sound breeding stock for the future.   The resulting puppies were outstanding and a few lucky people are now proud owners of the stunning wolf-lookalike puppies that were not selected for future breeding.  

The next stage of my breeding plan was the introduction of a proven and health tested longcoat sable GSD, with a good hip score and haemophilia clear, in 2010.   The aim of this mating was to improve the substance of my dogs, as well as introducing a heavier, more tundra wolf looking coat.  The addition of GSD should also improve trainability.   I had seen progeny from this dog mated to an NI and they were very impressive.   I was not disappointed in this litter and it was extremely hard to select puppies to go forward into the breeding plan, but I felt confident that I had made good choices.  Sadly the bitch I kept for the programme had a hip score too high to be bred from, so she was withdrawn from the breeding programme, but her sister has an excellent score of 3:4 and her owner will hopefully be participating in the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme in 2014.

The last litter in 2010 was sired by a handsome, proven and health tested Alaskan Malamute.   He  produced some stunningly wolfish pups.   This was a very popular pairing and all surplus pups had homes before the litter was even born.  Two males have been selected to go forward into the breeding programme, subject to satisfactory hip score results, etc., and a female was kept here at Sansorrella.   We are delighted that she has a hip score of 3:4 and she went on to have her first litter of exceptional pups in early 2012.  The Alaskan Malamute sire of the 2010 litter was used again for the first litter in 2011, with our Saarloos Wolfdog x Northern Inuit bitch. Again this litter proved to be very popular and two bitches were selected for the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme, one of which remains here at Sansorrella and she has tested clear of DM (degenerative myolopathy) and has a hip score of 6:6.  She had a stunning litter in 2013 to our homebred Anglo Wulfdog stud dog.

Another 2011 litter with our Czechoslovakian Wolfdog bitch and Tamaskan type male produced a stunning dog, who we are delighted has been tested clear of DM and has a hip score of 4:5, he produced his first offspring in 2013 and we are thrilled with the 'type' he is producing.  Also in 2011 we had another German Shepherd x Northern Inuit litter.  This cross gives a beautiful looking dog, most of the pups were long coated;  they are very intelligent and trainable but the pups were very GSD looking; this was therefore the last German Shepherd x litter in the programme.  In 2012 we had one more litter of Anglo Wulfdog to a different Alaskan Malamute and we will continue to use different Alaskan Malamutes to maintain a healthy gene pool.  The inclusion of Alaskan Malamute gives offspring with substance, good bone, dense coats and small ears, with a much more wolfish appearance.  However, these dogs are not for the feint hearted as they are very large dogs and can be stubborn and strong willed.  Some of these dogs also have the Alaskan Malamute curly tail but this will be bred out in future generations.

2013 saw the third generation of Anglo Wulfdogs, which was very exciting.  In the first three years we have been concentrating on expanding the gene pool and breeding for health, but in 2013 we started to 'pull the breed together'.  Second generation Anglo Wulfdogs were bred to totally unrelated first and second generation Anglo Wulfdogs;  breeding for 'type' as well as continuing to breed for health and temperament - the results were our best yet, both in wolfish appearance and temperament and we've been getting encouraging feedback from all our puppy owners. 

2014 produced stunning Anglo Wulfdog x Anglo Wulfdog puppies, some of which are being kept for the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme while the others have gone to lovely homes and are proving to be very intelligent, lovable family dogs.

In 2015 we continued with the Anglo Wulfdog x Anglo Wulfdog combination and we were also saw the arrival of our Imported male wolfdog puppy, who will hopefully help to improve our lines in the years to come.  We also kept a female puppy from a litter that was the last litter from one of our foundation bitches to our homebred Anglo Wulfdog stud dog.

Towards the end of 2015 I had the devastating news that I needed urgent major surgery.  I had to postpone this surgery until 2016 as I had already mated a bitch and wouldn't be able to cope with a litter if I was recovering from an operation.  So in 2016 the breeding programme was put on hold while I had my operation and spent the rest of the year recovering.  During this time several other health issues were discovered and it seemed doubtful that I would be able to continue with the programme.  I had to make the sad decision to let three of my young bitches go to pet homes - these had been kept to continue the breeding programme when my older bitches retired but as it now seemed unlikely that they would be used for breeding for several years it was kinder to let them lead full lives as family pets - this also reduced the number of dogs that my family had to care for while I was incapacitated.

Although I am still in considerable pain and am trying to manage other health issues with a variety of meds, I am breeding one litter at the end of 2016 - partly to see whether I am fit enough to do this without help and also because my older bitches are getting to an age where they will soon be retired and I won't have the opportunity of putting them to my new stud dog if I leave it for another year.  I sincerely hope that I can manage to rear the litter without having to call for help from family members as I don't want to give up just yet. I have spent over 8 years devoted to the Anglo Wulfdog breeding programme and as I plan litters at least two years ahead I still have plans for the future of these wonderful dogs.

"Ruby" will be having her last litter in early 2017 and we only plan to have one other litter at the very end of 2017 when "Tundra" will also be having her last litter.  "Soul" will be siring both of these litters. He has produced some of the best puppies ever bred by Sansorrella and I am looking forward to seeing how these pups turn out when they mature.  From 2018 we only plan to have one litter a year.


All litters are part of a specific breeding programme and are registered with the Anglo Wulfdog registry, where health and temperament will be monitored and recorded in order to improve breeding lines and safeguard the future of ourWolf Lookalike dogs. 
Before mating takes place every planned litter is 'tested' using a computer programme to ensure that we keep the COI (co-efficiency of inbreeding) to below 6.25%.

As we only need to keep a few puppies from each litter to go forward into the breeding programme, there will inevitably be puppies surplus to requirements that will be available to pet homes.

Puppies will only be sold to suitable and approved homes - please contact me for further details if you are interested in giving a home to a Sansorrella puppy or would like to become involved in the breeding programme.  


Please understand that the first crosses (F1) of our breeding plan will take on traits specific to the breed of the sire used and this should be borne in mind when choosing a puppy to suit your family.   Health and temperament are our first priority in expanding the gene pool, but in time we will develop the appearance and type that we are aiming for.

DM (Degenerative Myolopathy)  -  Please note that although some of our bitches have tested n/DM (carrier) we ensure that they are only ever bred with n/n (clear) dogs.  This means that there will
never be a risk of producing a dog that has the affected genes - 'carriers' and 'clears' cannot be affected by DM.   A 'carrier' mated to a 'clear' can only produce 'carriers' or 'clears'. By selecting and only breeding from the 'clears' in the next generation we can effectively eliminate DM in a generation.  We are being open about our test results so that prospective puppy buyers are fully aware.  Sadly very few Wolf Lookalike breeders test for DM and are, through ignorance and carelessness, breeding 'carriers' with 'carriers' and even 'affected' dogs, producing more and more 'affected' dogs, which is totally unnecessary and avoidable.

wicca and tundra

"Wicca" and daughter "Tundra" (3 months)
"Puppies Available" page for details of current and expected litters


Early 2009

he New Year saw the arrival of "Drummer", a Saarloos Wolfdog x Northern Inuit stud dog who came to woo two of my bitches, "Pagan" and "Echo".  2009 also saw the arrival of "Quest", my foundation Czechoslovakian Wolfdog bitch. Unfortunately I was misinformed when I purchased "Quest" - I was led to believe that the breed was about to be KC recognised and I would be able to show her at KC shows.  Sadly this wasn't true and NONE of the UK bred Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are eligible for registration with the KC or the FCI, and will never be able to be shown in the UK or Europe, nor will their offspring.  "Quest" is therefore being used to give the wolflike appearance desired in the Anglo Wulfdog as part of our programme to expand the gene pool of these dogs. 

(See my news page for details of the change in DEFRA law concerning the keeping of these dogs).

pagan and drummer
Pagan" and "Drummer"
quest 6 weeks

"Quest" on arrival


The Spring of 2015 saw the arrival of our Imported male "Soul" who we hope
will be a future stud dog.  "Soul" is 75% Czechoslovakian Wolfdog 25% AWD.

"Soul" on arrival


pagan and pup


"I'm working for the creation, I refuse to take part in its destruction".

Leon Shanandoah - Iroquois


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